About Us
This has been a really exciting year. During this year we made a number of good works, we met some new, really interesting clients and get plenty of honest praise, which makes us proud. See what you like on the site and let us know what we can do for you.

Studio MICHEL d.o.o. is an experienced team of creative graphic and web designers.

We can make a corporate logo and visual identity for your company, design engaging brochures and magazines all printed in high quality in quantities according to your need. We can design, develop and take care of your web pages. We can provide graphics for fairs or billboards, paint commercial vehicle. We are able to offer hundreds of promotional items to which we apply your logo or slogan of your company. We can photograph objects and/or subjects you want to present on your desk or wall calendar and create New Year’s greetings. Record video of your presentation or advertising…

Mišel Sevšek / CEO
Ivan Molnar / graphic design & prepress
Nikolina Sirovica / graphic design & prepress
Vanja Lokas / graphic design & prepress
Andreja Pavlić manda / graphic design & prepress
Andrija Sprčić / wordpress developer
Dario Minigo / video production
Antonio Capković / internet marketing
Jelka Bavčević / office manager

About Us